Beginning Visual Studio for Mac: Build Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin and .NET Core

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Author: Alessandro Del Sole
ISBN: 1484230329

Beginning Visual Studio for Mac: Build Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin and .NET Core

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Book Descriptions

Quickly learn how to get the most out of the Visual Studio for Mac integrated development environment (IDE).

Microsoft has invested heavily to deliver their very best development tools and platforms to other operating systems. Visual Studio for Mac is a powerful developer tool that reinforces Microsoft's "mobile-first", "cloud-first", and "any developer, any platform, any device" strategy. With the author's guided expertise and extensive code samples, you will understand how to leverage the most useful tools in Visual Studio for Mac, the code editor, and the powerful debugger. You also will appreciate the author's guidance on collaborating with other team members using integrated tooling for the Git source control engine.

Whether you are a Mac developer interested in cross-platform development or a Windows developer using a Mac, Beginning Visual Studio for Mac will quickly get you up to speed!

What You'll Learn

Prepare, configure, and debug in the Mac development environment

Create cross-platform mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows with Xamarin and C# in Visual Studio for Mac

Build cross-platform Web applications with .NET Core using Visual Studio for Mac

Customize your productive and collaborative development environment

Who This Book Is For

Software developers using a Mac computer who want to build mobile or web applications that run on multiple operating systems...

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