A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers - Adult Coloring Book

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A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers - Adult Coloring Book

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Combine the therapeutic art of coloring with the power of positive thinking!

"A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers" is an adult coloring book that includes 52 coloring pages of positive affirmations to give new mothers the encouragement, confidence, inner strength and coping abilities they need to get through the unexpected ups and downs of the early years of motherhood.

Motherhood is something that nobody can really prepare for. You can read every book, follow every routine, do everything right, have the "perfect" baby, and still not cope. Sometimes it's hormones, sometimes it's post natal depression, and sometimes it's just a bad day.

In those moments, it's hard to ask for help, but sometimes all it takes is an encouraging word or a boost of confidence to get through. One positive thought can change your entire day.

Affirmations can sometimes feel forced and it can be hard to embrace them. We are encouraged by experts to repeat our affirmations out loud, multiple times a day. Coloring page affirmations combine the therapeutic art of coloring with the power of positive thinking and visualization. Through the meditation and mindful focus of coloring, you are absorbing the positive message on each page without having to force yourself to repeat it. You are expanding the concept of positive affirmations to appeal to more of your senses - rather than just speaking and hearing, you can now touch and visualize as well. By working on the same page for multiple days, you are establishing positive thoughts in your long term memory and changing your entire way of thinking.

When your baby is crying because they don't want to have a nap today.... Color "My baby loves me" When you're feeling like a bad mother for using the TV so you can take a break... Color "I am proud of the Mother I am" When you are second guessing your decisions and feeling like a failure... Color "I am strong enough to fight my insecurities" When you've called your friend for the fifth time this week to settle your baby... Color "It's ok to ask for help" When you feel like you haven't slept all year... Color "I am full of energy" When your baby is teething in the middle of a growth spurt and won't eat or sleep... Color "I have been through hard days before and I will get through today" When you accidentally cut your child's fingers instead of cutting their nails... color "I'm a good mother" When you're eating breakfast while your husband is preparing lunch... Color "If I'm out of my pajamas by noon, it's a great day" When that nappy just wasn't big enough... Color "This too shall pass" When your baby finally falls asleep in your arms instead of their cot... Color "I will enjoy every cuddle"

Each coloring page in "A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers" is single sided, so you can color without worrying about your colors bleeding through to the next page.

This affirmations coloring book is a great gift for your mother, sister or wife. Add it to you Baby Registry or buy a few as Baby Shower gifts for friends. It is a must have for any new or expecting mother....

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