Breaking SSAT Math Middle Level

Title : Breaking SSAT Math Middle Level
Author : Amanda Yang
ISBN : 1988300363

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This Breaking SSAT MATH middle level is motivated by the desire I have when I prepare the students for SSAT test. This book is especially designed for Grade 5, 6 and Grade 7 students or students whose curriculum is different from SSAT test. It is especially designed for the new SSAT Middle Level test. It is based on the students' learning style and the requirement of new SSAT test. It covers every aspect that appears in the new SSAT upper level. Its detailed step-by-step, level-by-level frame structure can well prepare the students with solid foundation and strong problem solving skills. The thoroughgoing eight full length math tests at the end of the book can evaluate the students' learning result. The main goals of this book are to develop students' confidence and increasing their understanding of important concepts. After working through all the questions of this book, students will have satisfied performance in the test. If anyone can find two or more mistakes in this book, email me. I will mail you an updated new book. Amanda Yang homathandchess@hotmail.comOctober 2017...

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