Her Husband, My Thug

Title : Her Husband, My Thug
Author : Lady Lissa

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LIES!DECEIT!DRAMA!EVERYTHING YOU COULD WANT IN A BOOK CAN BE FOUND IN THIS STORY!When Shamika first met Brick aka Lennox, she had no idea she was messing with someone else's man. But it wasn't long before she found out about Chyna, Brick's long time girlfriend. Chyna wasn't the only thing she found out about from that night. A few months later, she's faced with another dilemma. With her mom and her best friend Jade by her side, she finds a way to turn a negative into a positive.Chyna has been Brick's rider for the longest. Even though their relationship has been tumultuous and volatile at times, their love has withstood everything. Having beat up many females who tried to take her man, she will stop at nothing to get her happily ever after no matter what the cost. But will she put her own happiness at risk just to keep that man? Or will she finally give up on Brick?Slim has finally found his Miss Right, but is she really the one for him? With so many secrets in a hood where everyone knows everyone, find out how everything unfolds in this explosive first installment of Her Husband, My Thug......

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